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  • In a surreal world, Lili, a 14-year-old albino, lives alone with her mother CLAUDIE (50) who over-protects her from the outside world. Obsessed with her own appearance; Claudie regularly replaces aging parts of her face, alone in her operating lab while Lili dreams of Lyesse, her 16 year-old handsome neighbor. Scared by so much love, Lyesse rejects Lili. Devastated, she decides to take his heart out to understand why he doesn’t love her…
  • Please Love Me Forever was born after years of exploring a contrasted yet fascinating Hollywood. A place where outcasts wear glitter jackets and beauty often flirts with monstrosity. Neo-romantic fantasy, Please Love Me Forever is set in a world of innocence and dementia. Between «botanical garden of organs» and «tree hearts”, this dark tale will lead our heroine towards an inevitably tragic ending… much more realistic than it looks.

Genre: Hollywood, Upcoming

Director: Holy Fatma

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